Phoenix Training is a mobile personal training service that offers professional and tailored personal training for everyday individuals looking to transform their body and mind.


We’re on a mission to help you evolve into the best version of yourself with training that truly suits, motivates and encourages you to achieve your goals and ambitions.


Our mobile personal training services mean we come to you.


When you book a session with Phoenix training, you choose the session length (30 minutes or 60 minutes) along with the location that accommodates best. Sessions can be performed in the privacy of your own backyard or conveniently at the neighbourhood park.


Anywhere is the best place to start achieving your fitness goals. Phoenix Training believes that every individual requires an individual approach to exercise and recovery which is why we don’t copy paste programs. Every session is conducted with one-on-one attention to detail and catered to your unique needs and goals.


We serve those

  • Recovering from illness or injury

  • Persons longing to improve their lifestyles and live a healthier life

  • Those uncomfortable or unfamiliar with gym environments

  • Individuals new to exercise 

  • Those stressed with time constraints.


Our services are available for anyone and everyone. Prior to the commencement of each session, your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is discussed, with exercise adjusted accordingly based upon your current state of health.


We’ve recognised that exercise doesn’t need to involve hurt, exhaustion and pain. Instead of disappointment and raised voices, you’ll be met with compassion, support and understanding and be encouraged to always treat yourself with kindness.


We acknowledge that not all sessions need to be vigorous and a gentle movement may be all your body yearns. We’re determined for you to feel valued, supported and reinvigorated during every encounter. 

Any movement, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction. Change takes time. We’re here for you

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