Hi, my name is Anne-Marie. 

I’m the sole founder and passion behind Phoenix Training (Mobile Personal Training).

My journey towards physical health is one that has been a turbulent whirlwind. Despite conquering my breast cancer battle a decade ago, I constantly struggled for many years after to rebuild my health and fitness. A period of time that involved the infrequent highs and lows that accompany depression, adrenal fatigue and ill health.

It was during this challenging time of my life that I discovered the profound benefits of exercising with a personal trainer and the momentous impact it can have in helping to regain one’s health and well-being. I now proudly help others who are also seeking to improve their body and mind with customised personal training.

A journey of recovery began with brisk walks and sporadic visits to the gym. There were opportunities to briefly escape the internal struggles I was silently battling within, even if it was only for an hour at a time.

As time passed, my exercise routine evolved as I did, and I learnt the value of nourishing every aspect of myself including my body, mind and soul.

Upon reflection, I recognised exercise was the determining factor that gave me the strength to persevere through those darkest days. It changed me physically, mentally and emotionally. My experience with exercise instilled a deep passion to become a personal trainer and help improve the lives of others.

It is for this reason my personal training philosophy is that when your body operates and feels well, your mind will follow its path and do the same.

Let’s work together to help you become the best version of yourself.


Certificates, Checks, and Training

As a personal trainer, I have:
• A Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness
• Current CPR and First Aid Training
• Mental Health First Aid
• A working with Children Check
• Registration with Fitness Australia
• COVID19 – Infection Control Training​

About Me