My name is Anne-Marie, and I'm a breast cancer survivor.


After my cancer diagnosis, I struggled for years to rebuild my health and fitness. This period was filled with ups and downs, sickness, achy muscles and fatigue. I couldn’t go out and just enjoy myself. 


I wanted my life back — I hated my new normal.


Then things got worse. I was made redundant and struggled to find work. Next came a diagnosis of fatigue, digestive issues, and depression.


I hit rock bottom.

The Turning Point


At my lowest point, I felt like spending my days curled up in a corner. But a little part of me knew if I did I might never get up again.


Each day I dragged myself outside to do something small (like go to the shops or gym). It was difficult, but I somehow knew I had to keep taking one step at a time. Very slowly I started to feel better (for short periods at first). These small glimpses of feeling better gave me hope — at some point, I would be healthier and stronger. I held onto them, and they kept me going!


My intuition was right! Step-by-step over a number of years I found my way back to a happy and healthy life.


What Role Did Exercise Play?


Exercise helped me forget about what I was dealing with (even if it was only for an hour at a time.) It got me through my most challenging time and changed me physically, mentally and emotionally.


But how do you exercise when you’re ill or struggle with constant fatigue? Small steps can have a ripple effect. Exercise doesn’t need to be high intensity or difficult to have an impact. Even gentle exercise helps release endorphins and serotonin in your body (chemicals which make you feel good.)


I started by walking and sporadically going to the gym. And this was enough to begin my journey to recovery.


Over time my exercise routine evolved as I did. I learned the value of nourishing all parts of myself. Not just with exercise and eating well, but my mind and soul too.


My commitment to nourishing my body through exercise (one step at a time) was the key to regaining my health and my life. I still have periods where I feel mediocre; but now I know (from experience) it won't last. I have tools and strategies I can lean on to get me through these times. I hope I can share them with you!

How Can I Help You?

My personal experience of illness, hitting rock bottom and then recovery through self-care has equipped me to support others going through difficult times.

No matter where your starting point is, I can help support you through tailored personal training sessions — as well as compassion and understanding.

"Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship".  Buddha



Certificates, Checks, and Training


As a personal trainer, I have:

●      A Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness

●      Current CPR and First Aid Training

●      A working with Children Check

●      Registration with Fitness Australia

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