Illness and injury can change your life.


Everything becomes more difficult.  Some days it can even be a struggle to get out of bed — you go through the motions just to get through the day. 


I get it!  I've been there myself.  My name is Anne-Marie, and I'm a breast cancer survivor.  I've been through a lot — depression, adrenal fatigue, and ill health.


Exercise with a personal trainer played a pivotal role in regaining my life and my health; so much so I became a trainer myself so I could share the same benefits with others. 


At Phoenix Training I offer tailored personal training sessions to support people through difficult times, illness and injury. Having persevered through illness myself, I endeavor to work with an individual as a whole person to ensure you feel understood and that you become empowered to make small changes and are able to reach your full potential during recovery.

How Can I Take On Exercise When I Feel Terrible?


When you feel sick, exhausted, or are struggling with life the last thing you want to do is exercise!  Even the thought of a walk can be too much.  I understand!


But know this — small steps can create a ripple effect.


Exercise played an essential role in my recovery, and it can work for you too. Introducing exercise with a personal trainer means you don't have to do it alone.  You're supported.  We can take it slow and together.


Exercising with me at Phoenix Training will:


●     Leave you feeling supported

●     Impact your energy levels

●     Contribute to your overall health and well-being (mental, physical and emotional)

●     Give you something positive and fun to look forward to, and leave you feeling connected


Phoenix Training Philosophy


My vision at Phoenix Training is to use tailored personal training sessions to support people through difficult times, illness and injury.


Our tailored sessions are held in an environment that is:

●     Positive

●     Comfortable

●     Non-judgemental

●     Safe


Phoenix Training encourages and supports individuals to reach and achieve the best outcomes possible for their individual recovery.


"To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping." Chinese Proverb

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